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Maybe this is a page to make up for the one from a year ago that got lost.
But it's also here to be my sorta birthday card for the most wonderful
female woman I know.

Kathy Lynn, I can't afford to get you flowers and stuff like I used
to. I'm sure a lot of your net buds will be flooding you with stuff in
the mail. No one deserves nice things more than you.

All I have to give you is this page, and even this isn't the best.
But, it's what I know to do relatively well. I'm sorry about the last
page. I thought you saved it. Had I known it would go away, I'd have
saved it.

I still remember the flowers I sent you on the first birthday after
we met. I hobbled down into town to get them because I couldn't see
enough to drive! I was kinda under the weather. But I wanted to make
sure you got something from your new newbie buddy.

Kid, so many things have happened in the past two years that it would
take the next two years to recount them all. The Christmas, birthday
and other gifts you've given me are you. You're all I've ever wanted.
Actually, you're all I think I'll ever need.

If you recall, Wonderful Tonight was one of the songs we danced to
on our first Great Romantic Evening. Didn't I tell you that the
24 Nights version was passionate? I love it. It reminds me so
much of you that it's not funny.

Ya know what's funny to me? That I turned out to be the goofy
romantic when we thought it was you! You've made me see that side of me
I think I've thanked you for it before, but just in case I didn't,
thanks, baby. *BIG hug and smooch*

Kid, another thing I want to give you for your birthday is something
that I shouldn't have to give you because there shouldn't be any need
for it. I want to apologize for all the jealousy, fights, and all the
other crap I put you through in those early days. Reds, the thought of
losing you to some other guy was always on my mind. I'm a silly guy,
I know. And awfully insecure. That's me. I couldn't find another you
if I looked for years and years. Maybe I did idealze you. That's also me.

But through all of that stuff, I also loved you very much. I'm glad you
hung around long enough to let me get through that crap. Thanks, baby.

Sooooo, Happy Virthday to the most beautiful, loving, caring,
passionate, belicose, feeling, warm human being I know.

Stick with me, kid. We're gonna share many more, I hope.