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E in a nice swimming suit
Pac in the water.
Baf in a nice fur coat
spring as a bimbo
Brian and his lil girlie
Estancia and Carole in the 50's
E doing the hula!
Kiss E...she's Irish!
Same thing...but in a Gaelic font
Ghost bikini poster
John flexing his muscles
John and teenagers
E and Pac
The family, sorta
E in her famous pink two piece!!!
prickly rose in a war paint ad
prickly rose as Cleopatra!
E, the Xmas elf
E the green tights
John as a little Santa
Wreath w/E's name
E as a bunny!
John delivering flowers.
GOGO as a flapper
GOGO in a more appropriate outfit.
GOGO the snazzy dresser
John on TV as a kid
E on TV!!!
kitten on TV!
E and John on Paddy's Day!!!
E-ter Pan???